Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dr.muthulakshmi 's life as Doctor

After graduation Dr.Muthulakshmi joined the Women and Children Hospital ,Egmore as a House-Surgeon.No woman had ever been accepted as a House-Surgeon in that hospital before .Thus she was the First Lady House-Surgeon in Madras Medical history.After completing her House-Surgeoncy in 1913 ,she set up practice in Egmore.It was in that year that Dr.T.Sundara reddy ,the first Indian to qualify for the F.R.C.S.,also a self made man ,approached  to marry her.They were married in April 1914 and their first son was born .Their second son was born in 1919.
In 1918  the Women's Indian Association of Madras was foundeds by two European Women theosophists,Mrs.Margaret and Mrs.Jina.Dr.(Mrs) Reddy was its first Indian member and was as secretary for many years and as Editor of its journal ''Stri Dharma'.She later bacame its Life President.
During 1923  her beloved sister died due to cancer.
Dr.Reddy visited England for the first time in 1925,for Post-graduate studies and returned in 1927.

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